How to Start Your Own Web Design Freelance Business

If you’re keen to grow your web design business, you should understand there’s more to it than just designing sites. Of course, this is a major factor in it, but there’s a whole lot more to think about. Your web design business needs to be run just like any other business. Some activities will help you succeed while others may cause you to lose money if you’re not careful. In this article we’ll delve into some things you can do to help increase the level of success you see in your web design business.

Get some business cards made. You might not think that anyone should have to tell you to do this. But, there are tons of people who do not do this when they open their door for business. You need something that can offer your services to anyone that you come into contact with. After all, you never know when you will meet someone or come across an advertising opportunity. Giving someone your business card makes it more convenient to apply for these kinds of opportunities. They look more professional than just writing down your info on a sheet of paper or matchbook cover.

Learn the ins and outs of SEO.

Search engine optimization is never going to disappear. Of course, the rules change as search engines employ various new algorithms and assessment criteria. It’s an essential skill for you to master. The sites you design for clients as well as your own will benefit from it. Your business will benefit greatly from the fact that you are a designer with knowledge of SEO. You will gain more clients with this approach as your existing customers will refer others to you because they like working with you since you are so helpful and they will also give you more projects, which all translates into more money for you. In other words, it’s critical that you put the work into mastering the art of SEO.

You need a real mailing address, even if your business is conducted online. You’ll build more trust in customers if you can display a real, physical address. Of course, if you’re working from home you don’t want to give this address out. It just means you need to display a mailing address that isn’t your home address that people can contact if they need to. There are several options open to you. Consider renting a box with UPS so you can use their street address for your own mailing details. There are also places around that let you set up a virtual office with them so you can use their address. Or you really could rent office space somewhere. Just work on having an actual physical address that isn’t your home and isn’t just a PO Box.  A lot of communities have group spaces at government owned business development centers, check your local area government for more information.  When it comes to marketing, there are a lot of ideas you can implement to make your business look more real. Wake up now has some good information about running a successful marketing business.

There’s a lot to consider if you’re serious about creating a successful web design business. Of course design may be what you do, but you still need to work on marketing and admin if you hope to keep designing. Finding the right balance of these things is the key to your web design business success.

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