Improve Office Space to Benefit Business

Improve Office Space to Benefit Business

The national Improve Your Office Day held at the start of October 2014 urged business bosses to think carefully about their office space and how it is used in order to maximise its potential and boost staff morale and productivity.

This consideration could result in you completely redesigning yours based on the principles of feng shui or simply finding somewhere to stash the clutter and investing in a few pot plants to improve the atmosphere.

Successful office design should work for both your business and your staff. Forcing someone to stare at a blank grey wall for ten hours a day can sap energy and creativity, meaning that staff turnover is likely to increase and productivity will not be at its best. In contrast, a well-organised space with adequately equipped and comfortable rest areas can increase staff commitment, boost energy levels and lead to more tasks being accomplished to a high standard every day.

Cut the Clutter

Even if a total redesign is not needed, the time could be right to simply have a clear-out. You may have the finest office space jewellery quarter address, envied by clients and competitors alike, but if this is filled with more clutter than a car boot sale, then it is unlikely to be achieving its maximum potential.

Clients walking into an untidy office space will not be filled with confidence that their needs will be met in an effective and efficient manner and will certainly not be impressed if they feel their vital documents are being stored in a ‘filing system’ that consists of little more than a paper pile on the floor. Try looking at your office space through a visitor’s eyes to see what they really see. Go outside and then re-enter your office, being brutally honest about what you encounter.

Look Better on Paper

Many companies redesigned their office space in recent years based on the belief that thanks to advances in information technology paper was on its way out. They are now finding out to their cost, however, that this hasn’t happened, meaning that a lack of adequate storage has left their offices looking more like a recycling plant than a professional operation. If you are planning some changes, take heed, and think about practicalities such as document storage — and not just the sort that takes place in the cloud.

If you do not have the room or the inclination to store important documents in-house, you could always consider using a professional storage company. This is ideal if you have mountains of paper needed to keep the taxman happy or have to retain important legal documents on paper.

You can also work to minimise unnecessary paper in the office. Do you really need a scrappy notice board full of dog-eared sheets or to print out copies of every email you send? If diaries are stored on a computer system to which everyone has access, you do not need to print them out as well, and think about the unnecessary printing costs of making hard copies of research sheets that could just as easily be read on-screen.

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