What Is a Virtual Office and Does My Business Need One?

What Is a Virtual Office and Does My Business Need One?

Virtual offices are designed for small and new businesses, as well as individuals, who only require part-time office space for a range of reasons. Depending on the location and package you sign up for, which can often be tailored towards your preferences, other office services can be included. If you’re an individual, start-up or small business looking for a professional gleam then there a variety of ways a virtual office will help.


An obvious reason for signing up to a virtual office is that it will save you money. Renting office space full time, especially in sought after areas, can cost a bomb and seem unnecessary if you don’t need it on a daily basis. Renting out meeting spaces to meet with clients or other team members can soon add up too, and prove time consuming hopping from one venue to another.

A virtual office provides stability in using the same building for meetings and at a lower cost. Rather than having to furnish an office it allows users to bring in their own technological equipment, saving on overheads.


A virtual office allows a professional business address where your mail can be directed, often in a top area. This makes a great impression for any potential investors and clients, and using the space to meet them further enforces this view. The office space will of course be kept clean, without you having to arrange it, thus saving time. Some places also offer a telephone answering service, adding to the quality presentation.

London Executive Offices offer virtual offices in Mayfair and the City of London which makes a grand impression whether you’re a small start-up business or individual consultant.


Without having to commute frees up more time to work as well as again saving money and the environment with fewer people driving to work. Less time has to be dedicated to admin duties such as organising insurance, cleaning and minimal tasks such as replacing broken light bulbs or restocking the coffee machine.

Working at home offers flexibility in employees working hours and dress code which can increase worker morale as well. Not having to deal with the stress of an office environment improves many workers happiness and given more independence makes it easy to see best workers on an individual level. Meeting up on a weekly or monthly basis ensures that team spirit is still kept alive.

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