6 Tips to Save on Business Trip Clothing Purchases

Business trips are vital for building a network, showcasing your company, and gaining new investors. The cost of a business trip can really dent your company and personal budget. This makes you dread any additional expenses, such as purchasing clothing for a conference or networking event.


Often, you don’t need to buy any additional clothing for a business trip. However, for those rare occasions, here are a few tips on how to save money when buying new clothing for a trip.


Assess the Environment


Prior to making any purchases, learn about the weather forecast for that area. If staying within the United States, the weather should fall within the same temperature range as your current location. It may vary if you plan to travel from a colder part of the country to a warmer place, like traveling in the winter from New York to Los Angeles.


Traveling to another country may provide a weather cultural shock. Therefore, before your trip, research as much about the weather conditions in that country as possible. Knowing the weather gives you a blueprint on what types of clothing to pack and purchase for it.


Challenge Yourself


Set a budget for your trip, and then set a goal to meet or go under it.  A competitive person will save a lot because they want to meet and succeed at the challenge.


Buy Timeless Pieces


Avoid buying the current trends. Depending on the type of trip, most likely you will only be able to wear casual clothing for a small portion of it. Therefore, stock up mainly on business basics: pencil skirts, cardigans, trousers, and blazers.


Keep the colors mainly neutrals, or colors that already blend well with your current business wardrobe. Make sure that the casual outfits that you buy are also work appropriate: you never know who you might run into or encounter at a casual outing near the business event. Wearing the wrong type of clothing could end up creating a bad impression with someone you might want to gain as a client, or someone you want to develop a partnership with in the future.


Buy Secondhand


Visit your nearest thrift store or secondhand shop to look for business basics. You will find many quality made, perfect condition items for very discounted prices. Do not pass up something that may be a size or two too big or too small. If made with quality material, find an inexpensive tailor who can alter it to fit you.


Use Coupons


Make a habit of checking Groupon once a day for coupon deals. Narrow your Groupon search to only your favorite stores, especially those you frequent often for business attire. For example, check Under Armour a few times prior to your trip, so that you can save on those polo shirts that you wear at work, and on golfing outings with potential clients.


Purchase Smaller Luggage


To avoid overspending and over packing, buy a small luggage. Aim to only pack two bags: a medium size carry on bag and a smaller bag that fits within it. Only pack seven days worth of clothing into these small bags.


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