Do You Want a Safer and Better-Protected Warehouse or Distribution Centre? What You should Do

Crime is an activity and phenomenon from all ages and has been around since time out of mind, but it seems that nowadays it has become a lot more complicated to prevent it, and that we all ought to be more vigilant in our fight against it. Warehouses, especially, are often a target for break-ins or employee theft due to the nature of their operations, their size, and their lay-out.

A warehouse or distribution centre, therefore, poses unique challenges to those who wish to ensure that the risk of being a victim of crime is minimised. Those in charge of security need to think the process through. Do you want a safer and better-protected warehouse or distribution centre? Here’s what you should do.

Start with an analysis

The only way to make sure that your business is secure is to find out its weak spots and to fortify them –criminals will be looking for the weak spots, after all. Think about the physical layout (walls, fences, entrances and exits, windows, and so on) but also about your system (who can go in and out of the property, who handles certain items, and so on), and figure out where those weaknesses are. Strengthen them first. There are plenty of organisations and professionals, such as Oxford security experts like Securipol, who can help you with this simple analysis.

Security enhancement tips

Enhancing security isn’t always expensive – often some simple measures will do. Here are some tips:

  • Staff checks. Before hiring anyone, get a good profile on them by doing background checks, especially for key positions. This can make a big difference.

  • Staff identification. The larger your organisation is, the harder it is to keep track of people – proper ID cards can make everything much easier, especially when it comes to access to certain areas.

  • Perimetre security. Check the fences and the walls. Is it easy to enter the property without permission?

  • CCTV. Closed-circuit TV is a deterrent by its mere presence; it also helps a lot when trying to figure out what went wrong during investigations.

  • Security alarms. There are various kinds on the market; there’s one out there that could serve you perfectly.

It’s also a good idea to get private security guards on the premises, especially during the times of day or night when few people are present and thieves or burglars find it opportune to go about their less-than-honourable plans. Often the mere fact that security personnel is present acts as a deterrent, and such trained guards also know what to watch out for and how to recognise suspicious behaviour. Remember, safety and security is of everyone’s concern, and there are plenty of things that can be done to improve the safety of all.

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