How to manage people effectively on remote working projects

We live in a world that is constantly changing, and that could not be truer for our workplaces. As we move further and further into the 21st century, the hierarchical system of the traditional workspace is becoming a rarity – an analogue display in an ever-growing digital world. No longer are we all purely confined to a tall office tower or reporting into the physical office at 9:00am each weekday.


Whether you are working on a bus on a trip into Singapore’s CBD, or having to take a short flight to Manilla in the Philippines, working remotely is becoming more and more common. The question for any business in this environment then becomes clear – how do you effectively manage your employees who work on these types of assignments?

While one may think that having an employee work out of the physical office would cause them not to take their work seriously, it can actually benefit your business.
Being able to have an employee work in a remote location or interstate can help them to gather more clients elsewhere, helping to gain a wider area than just the local business market. Servcorp virtual offices can enable your remote employee(s) to have a physical presence, all through the compact and easy access of a laptop or video call, helping you to manage their efficiency and progress.


This is especially helpful when dealing with employees who are working in a different time zone to you. According to Forbes, being “indefatigable” and adjusting to a more flexible outline can help you to get the best out of your more remote workers. If you are willing to take a video call at 5:00am while they are in a 2:00pm time zone, it can help you keep in better contact. The important thing is regular communication.

Being able to provide open and clear communication with those in your business who work remotely is a key factor. Some remote workers operate from a home office and rely on means of virtual communication, whether email or a phone call to get the information or topic they are to work on next.

Of course, there is the delicate balance of trap versus reward when it comes to working remotely. While you may have all you need at your fingertips with a laptop computer, you run a little thing called “life” getting in the way. While it saves time in commute, which we know can waste time that could be at the office; being cooped up in your own house, surrounded by things that you could enjoy, can be a distraction.


According to Business Insider, employees that work from home often need to seek somewhere outside their front door.

If your employee needs to escape the house, why not arrange a video call to check on their project, as they sit in the magnificent Super Tree Grove. This allows time for a pleasant conversation, while having the time to check up on schedules.

One thing that is hard to handle when you have those working remotely is productivity. When you have employees who work away from the office, you can’t always be on them. If an employee produces exceptional work and has it to you by, or even before, the deadline, they may have a sense of diligence. Yet how do they increase their productivity?

According to Lifehacker, someone who works with a checklist or occasionally does the job in a place that allows them to have a change of environment, such as a coffee shop with light noise (70db) improved their productivity.

Of course, remote workspaces aren’t for everyone; yet collaborating with those who work far from the office can do wonders for your business.

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