How To Speed Up Your Search For A New Car

These days, it’s hard to find the right car let alone do it in a convenient or quick way. When it comes to investing in your next vehicle, there are loads of ways to speed up your search for a new car. Ways that not only help you maximize buying time, but also help you quickly sell or trade-in your old ride. Don’t be fooled by the dealership jingle offering you $3,000 extra on your old, beat up ride either. Here’s how to avoid the traditional haggle of a dealer and get into your next car fast at the right price.

  1. We all know that online automotive marketplaces are a great way to shop a car, but they are also the best way to speed up your car buying process. Automotive marketplaces like offer you a plethora of information all in one website, so you don’t have to search through multiple online retailers to find the right car.

  2. Read all the expert advice possible when it comes to amenities and car packages. For instance, if you’re looking for a car that gives you style and car seat safety – has a cool Car Seat Safety check section here This information can help you decide between cars and SUVs that offer you peace of mind and ease of car seat installment. There’s even more expert advice to read, so be sure to check out all the tips and tricks on

  3. You don’t have to visit the dealership to find what you want. You can search car make and models on, then use the multi-car comparison and new price comparison tool to make sure you’re getting the best car at the best price. Together these two tools save you loads of time and money.

  4. Did you know that you can take the speed of on the go!? If you download their mobile app you can head to the dealership and get pricing information in no time. This is great for people who don’t really want to talk to a car dealer right away, as it allows you to scan the VIN number of any car on the lot. You can even do a comparison to cars around you like the one you scanned, so you know if the sticker price is legit or not. Plus when you register for push notifications, you’ll know when the price drops on the car you like so you don’t have to buy right away if the price isn’t right for you.

  5. Research dealerships before you drive. One of the greatest tools gives you is their dealership ratings by customers. Simply log in your zip code to the Research Dealerships search bar and you can read what people think about dealers near you. That way, you know you’re making a great choice when shopping cars after you find what you want online. Of course, you can still shop cars online before you visit which also saves time and money.

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