Is the Speaker of Your Choice Appropriate?

SpeakerWhen you are trying to find the right guest speaker for the event you are planning, one of the most important questions you need to focus on is whether a candidate is appropriate for the position or not.  How do you ascertain this? Here are a few points that may help you decide the appropriateness of an individual as a speaker for an event.

Is he/she appropriate for the event? While a wedding may require a master of ceremonies to deliver the speech, a reputed comedian is well-suited to host an award ceremony. Again, you may needmotivational speakersfor a business conference.

Make sure that the type of speaker you choose corresponds to the type of event. Otherwise, the chances for success of the presentation may not be achieved. A speakers’ agency can make thing easier for you as they list speakers according to their profiles. You may also seek advice about the type of speaker that would suit the specific event.

Is he/she appropriate for the purpose? An event planner or organiser appoints a guest speaker for a specific purpose, either for information or entertainment or both. Before you select a candidate, decide what purpose he/she would serve at the affair.

If you want the presenter to pass on technical knowledge, you need someone with expertise in the field. However, this is not necessary if the sole purpose of hiring a speaker is to entertain. Again, the candidate you need to encourage the audience to take a step, such as buy a product, differs from either of the two.

Is he/she appropriate for the session? If a presentation was all about reading out a prepared speech in a loud and clear voice, anyone could have done that! All he/she would need is confidence. However, this is not the way things work at an event.

A professional speaker requires doing a lot of research about the event, the purpose, subject matter, the audience and so on before he/she can prepare a speech. However, they often do not rely on the set speech alone. Unforeseen incidents may create a crisis. In such a circumstance, a professional knows how to resolve the situation.

Is he/she appropriate for the audience? Imagine an event for a predominantly male audience where the theme is team building or leadership skills. Well-known sports speakers can infuse the right kind of enthusiasm in such an audience.

Now imagine a ladies garden party. While the presence of a favourite sports star can boost the glam quotient of such an affair, he/she cannot be an appropriate speaker for such an audience. (The ladies will be bored to death!) Focus on the age, lifestyle, taste, likes and dislikes of the audience to determine whether a presenter is appropriate for them or not.

Is he/she appropriate for the budget? Every event has a set budget; a certain portion of it is allotted to the hiring of a speaker. It becomes easier to find numerous speakers if your budget is considerably large.

Do keep in mind that the charges of the speaker may not be the only cost of hiring a professional for the presentation. If you are hiring a national or international face, you may have to pay for his/her airfare as well as accommodation, meals, and other out of pocket expenses. Make sure all these are included in the total cost calculation.

It is a good idea to narrow down your search with the budget specified. If you are working with a speakers’ agency, you need to mention your budget to make sure that the costs of hiring the suggested speakers are suitable for you.

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