The largest warehouses in the world

Companies are expanding rapidly, everyone is looking to become the best in the industry and quite often this means growing as much as possible. Customers are coming to expect faster, easier purchasing practices and as a result these companies are being forced to stock more and be more organised. For those businesses that require high levels of inventory this means that warehouses need to grow just as the number of customers does, however finding a location big enough to hold all of this can be tricky. Some of those multi million pound businesses have already invested in some huge warehouses across the world, the core ideas are the same, to keep stock turning over, reduce waste and produce profit, just on a much larger scale. Here are just a few examples:

Saudi Kayan petrochemical complex

This building is one of the largest of it’s kind in the world, and is where is Saudi Arabia produces specialized chemicals for the first time in the country. The products produced include ethylene, propylene, polypropylene, ethylene glycol and butane-1.The warehouse is based in Jubail Industrial City and has a tpa of 6 million.

Amazon Warehouse

Situated in Wales, UK, this warehouse is where 35% of all Amazon orders are processed, baring in mind the international reach of the online site, this is an extraordinary proportion for just one location. The brand stocks such a vast range of products that it is no doubt they need so much space to store them, from electronics to clothes to food.

Constellation Europe

Based in Bristol, England, this warehouse is home to 15% of the UK’s wine supply including brands such as Kumala, Hardys, Banrock Station, Echo Falls and Robert Mondavi. It can store approximately 57 million bottles of wine and is 858, 000 square feet, with a volume that could hold 14,000 double decker buses!

US Army

This warehouse was designed to store military vehicles and cost around 29 million euros to build. Opened in 2012, the two storey building has been home to thousands of tankers, which whilst was a large initial expense, the money that will be saved in the long run as a result of the vehicles staying indoors will be well worth it.

These are just a few of the huge warehouses in the world at the moment, no doubt there are more to come in the future. Countries such as China are expected to continue to grow at an astonishing rate and it may not be too long until we are looking at buildings twice the size of those above.

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