The Top Five Reasons Why Your Best Choice for an Event is a Pop Up Stand

Banners, whether they’re roller banners, pull up banners, pop up banners, or PVC banners – have been used since the beginning of time to display a message to a great number of people, and it’s fair to say that they will never go out of vogue, regardless of how many new and innovative ways there are to promote a business. It’s cost-efficient and very effective – it’s the perfect marketing tool.

Pop up banners and stands, however, do need to be designed well, and placed in the right location in order to have the maximum impact. But why would banners and stands be so well suited for promoting your business, your brand, your product, or service? What are the biggest advantages of banners and display stands, anyway? Here are the top five reasons why your best choice for an event is a pop up stand.

Setting up is easy and fast

The assembly of the pop up stand is done in three simple steps – it really takes only a few seconds to ensure your banner or stand is ready to go. All you have to do is set up the retractable stand, pull the telescopic pole into place, and adjust the banner. There’s a reason why it’s called a pop up banner or stand after all.

They are durable

The vinyl that is used to print your design on is strong and durable and requires very little maintenance. The stand itself (the base) is very lightweight but strong, meaning that the banner stand is very sturdy and stable during display.

Set it up anywhere

Whether you’re setting up a booth at a trade show, joining a convention, attending an exhibition or trading your wares at a fair, the banner stand is ideal for any event. What’s more, the banner display can be placed almost anywhere as it requires only a minimum of space for you to display your message. The roller or pop up banner is narrow and tall so that it you make a big impact even with only a limited floor area.

Easy to store

Because it is so compact once it has been disassembled, the banner stand is easy to store; it truly requires very little space. Whilst highly visible when assembled, the stored version requires only a fraction of the volume due to its retractable frame and foldable pole.

Easy to transport

It’s light, requires very little space, and is set up or disassembled in no time, making it perfect for transportation.

Don’t forget that banners are also very flexible; they can be used practically anywhere. Whether you are at a festival, a convention, a trade show or an exhibition, the banner, as a good banner printing service will attest, is sure to draw the right attention from the crowd. It’s simply a must for any business that is serious about sales.

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