Using Promotional Travel Mugs for Effective Branding

Using Promotional Travel Mugs for Effective BrandingPromotional products are out there everywhere you look. From pens and pencils to t-shirts and stress balls, there are tons of different products to choose from.

While there are a lot of creative promotional items that have recently been developed, the classic options are generally the best. This is because more people are able to get use out of the classic items on a daily basis!

For example, do you ever take a mug with you when you leave for work in the morning? Or do you know someone that does? There are millions of people who carry mugs of hot chocolate, coffee, soups and other treats with them during the day.

These mugs are seen by the person consuming the beverage, but also anyone else that they come in contact with. This is why travel mugs make for such excellent promotional products for any company that wants to gain some attention.

There are a lot of different types of travel mugs available to choose from. Some of these are more expensive than others based on their design and the materials that are used to make them. For example, a plastic travel mug is going to be cheaper than one made of stainless steel. Whichever you decide, the true importance is with how you brand that mug with your business image.

Promotional products, like the travel mug, can have your company’s name printed right on it so that anyone can see it. In addition to this, you could put a logo or even your company’s well-known image. Even the colors of your business are things that people can come to recognize, even if you’re a small business right now. There are a lot of great designs out there that you can use to catch the attention of anyone who is around the mug. Who would have thought that something this small could be such a powerful marketing tool?

So how does a mug work for marketing? Well, the first thing you would do, after having the mug designed, is offer it to your current and perspective clients for free. Everyone likes free stuff no matter what it is, and since coffee mugs are useful, a lot more people will be interested in them. After you give the mug away, the people you give it to will hopefully use it in their home, in their office or even when they are out running errands. As they come in contact with more people, more exposure to your company is provided.

Remember that the more useful your promotional products are, the more likely they are to get business in your door. When people recognize your logo, even if it’s from a coffee mug, they are more likely to go with your business and the services you offer over a company they have never heard of. Marketing with something so simple is one of the most affordable ways to get your business name out there. Products like these are an investment, but they are well worth it with the return they normally provide.

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