Ways To Boost Your Media Coverage And PR Contacts

Bottom line, the only way to get a great product or service noticed is your media coverage and viable PR Contacts. This is because your wonderful creation is floating on your website in a vacuum of cyberspace and runs the risk of never being seen. So along with all the cyber-based things like backlinks and the like, that you can do you need to also deal with the human factor that people tend to forget but still as an enormous impact on your sales and popularity.

So here is how to get you structured and out the door.

Ask yourself these questions and take your time answering them

1.    What does your company do?

2.    What about your company is different than others in your field?

3.    In what area are you an expert?

4.    Why are you better than anyone else in your field?

5.    What is your {USP} This is a term you will hear a lot and it stands for Unique Selling Position

6.    Do you want to be covered nationally or locally?

7.    What besides your expertise can you utilize to get you to stand out?

8.    Create a list of where your coverage will take place? Like blogs, websites, newspapers or trade journals that cover what you do specifically.

Get your media contact list started to build more of your PR Contacts

1.    Make sure that once you identify the publications that you will be advertising with, that you know who the reporters or bloggers are that will be reviewing the product or service you are working with so that you can contact them

2.    Get the contact information which is usually on the article or blog. If it isn’t then have no fear, just get the names and plug them into Twitter and LinkedIn so that they are easily found.

3.    Get organized! This can’t be done haphazardly at all you must have a spreadsheet to keep yourself organized to the highest level. Have the reporters name, e mail, and phone if you can get that at least the business phone, all social media ID’s and notes on when you attempted contact and when you finally speak make notes and follow up also make sure to thank them!

Make sure they will want to contact you back

Most reporters will respond to something you say that is genuine about their last piece you read they will want to keep their readership and respond and please don’t fake it! It will show.

Make sure your e mails are short and to the point and have a great subject line. Do not include attachments EVER! And let them know you would love to help them with any upcoming piece they may have as it related to you and what you do. You will want to bill yourself as an expert in the area so a bio with a picture would do well in a link form only.

And this is how you make a viable PR contacts that you can build a relationship with on a long-term productive basis.

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